The Harrells: Hounds, Humans, Harrells

Harrell family photo

Recent Harrell vacation photo sets:

» 2023: Texas (May), Boise (Oct), Cabo (Nov), Belize (Dec)

» 2022: TX RV trip (May), Nashville (Sep), Prescott (Oct), Tahoe (Feb)

» 2021: Utah (Oct), Flagstaff/TX (Jul), Tahoe (Feb/Aug)

» 2020: Cabo (Feb), Tahoe (Aug), Texas (Jul/Nov), Sedona (Nov)

» 2019: Sequoia/Kern (July), Santa Fe/Amarillo (Nov/Dec), Yosemite

» 2018: Dominican Republic Troy Bday (Feb)

» 2017: San Diego Troy Bday (Feb), Oregon / Idaho roadtrip (Jul/Aug)

» 2016: Bend OR Troy Bday ski trip (Feb/Mar), Tucson AZ (Oct/Nov), and
Greece! 25th Anniversary Trip

Come on in and visit Troy & Cyndi for a while! If we haven't talked in person recently, find out what we've been doing lately. Our Christmas letters have annual highlights with fav photos.

Keep in touch during the year on social (Troy doesn't do any): Cyndi Facebook or Cyndi LinkedIn, or follow our Dog & Pony Ranch with lots of fun animal photos on Facebook or Instagram.

See what we've been doing on our 60-acre property in Jackson, (aka the Dog & Pony Ranch) where we finally moved full time in 2016 after enjoying as our vacation property for almost 20 years. We have scenic pictures of the property along with photos of the construction and some of our friends/family who have come to visit us there.

Meet our barn animals including horses (Tio, Amigo, Buddy, & Diamond Rio), llamas (Zuni, Llorenzo & Mozart) who next joined the Harrell herd, and darling mini donkeys (Millie & Mo). We've added other barn animals including a flock of chickens who give us excellent farm-fresh eggs and our feral barn cats (Athena, Zorro, Zeus & Xena) who are warrior mouse hunters, and a pair of red & black Dexter mini cattle we raised (Wilma & Betty).

Of course you'll also find favorite photos/videos of our wonderful dogs over the years (Labradors: Terra, Cayli, Linsey, Torri, Hannah and Cody; and now Goldendoodle, Gina, too)!